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Pec Minor - FiRE Release + Motion

We get asked all the time about which scapular exercises are best toprotect the shoulder joint from injury and the typical answer involves middle, lower trap exercises along with serratus anterior and middle back flexibility.  All of those are very important but if your pec minor is restricted you will be working against it .. the next 2 posts tell you how to address that restriction and reduce the inhibition to save your shoulders!

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Pec Minor - FiRE Stretch + Motion

FiRE Stretch & FiRE Stretch + Motion for the pec minor: Forgetting to retrain your nervous system to new range of motion is like writing a term paper and forgetting to click "Save" before you close. Sure you did something, but did you really progress? We make this easy to do with our FiRE Strech + Motion so your body knows you have new range of motion and keeps you safe in it

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Want to know if you are ready for Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Barrys, Spin, Barre, Row?

Our FiREFlow is a 1 minute series that you should be able to perform before you even think about setting foot in a group fitness class

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