Foundations of Health

A patient's major focus is typically on their pain in their body and we understand that, but we also understand how the body works as a whole and is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Without some of the following pre-requisites, your body doesn't stand a chance of dealing with a current injury or avoiding injury down the road.  Many of these principles are commonly talked about but lesser understood and we like to make sure you know why we are asking you to make modification in your life

Pick one of the following you think will help and work on it, then another.  Remember - Rome wasn't built in a day :)


Hydration + Diet

You gotta drink lots of water so that your systems work at their potential, but also so that your fascia is not starving for it's main source of lubrication, WATER.  Simple rule of thumb for ATHLETES is to consume .5 to 1.0 ounces of water per pound of body weight  per day:

150lbs = 75 to 150 oz of water daily

Non-Athletes can come in around the 8 cups or 64oz a day mark :) 

Diet is much more complicated and personal, but here are 2 resources on how to reduce your bodies inflammation


Breathing + Connection

What could be more important than breathing?!?  Sure everyone does it, but let's make sure you are doing it correctly.  There are a lot of schools of thought on how you should breathe, and the best explanation is that you can breathe differently for different benefits.

Breathe is what connects the mind to the body and therefore the “OG” when it comes to connection. Here are some ideas on how to connect to your self, community, and nature


Sleep + Stress

Are you getting 7 hours of sleep per night and feel calm throughout the day? Unlikely, especially in today's day and age

Sleep and stress are linked and luckily there are techniques to help you maximize your sleep and minimize your stress


Exercise + Ergonomics

Don't have an hour to work out? No worries - you can get a beneficial response from as little as 10 minutes of exercise

Think your ergonomic set up could be better? You're probably right - let's take a look at that together here


Professor Stephen Hawking, who was considered by many to the smartest person of his time, speaks out on one of humanities greatest challenges at the moment. Physical inactivity is now the fourth leading cause of death in the world.