Sleep + Stress

If you are under stress then you won't sleep & If you are not sleeping then you will feel more stressed.  This is one of life's most beautiful Catch 22s, but we are here to help! 

Sleep: Remember you need to get 7 hours of sleep minimum and more if you are younger and still growing.  Drop the temperature of the room down and also either use black out shades or a sleep mask.  Darkness is a necessity. 

Stress: Meditation, Cardio, and Prayer all have the same physiological effect on the body which is to reduce the influence of the sympathetic (fight or flight aka "wind up") portion of the nervous system and increase the influence of the para-sympathetic (energy conservation aka "wind down") portion of the nervous system.  

Here are some other components you need know about


Blue Blocking Glasses

Ok - so these things look absolutely ridiculous and certainly not a thing to break out on the first date, but gosh-darnit they work.  These hideous orange glasses block blue light.  Why is this so important? Because blue light (which is constantly being emitted from TVs, phones, computers, and regular lights) tells your body it is still daylight out and to NOT produce your sleepy-time hormone Melatonin.  Throw these bad-Sally's on 2 hours before you want to conk out and ditch all tech devices 15 minutes prior as well.  A lesser alternative is to put a red light bulb (also on amazon very cheap - both are under $10) as your last light you turn out before you go to bed, but definitely give these glasses a try first 


Tactical / Box Breathing

We are lucky that most of us don't have bombs and buildings blowing up around us on a regular basis, but for people in military combat that can unfortunately be a reality.  Tactical / Box Breathing was developed by the Navy SEALS to stay calm in high pressure situations so don't think for a second that it won't work for you to unwind before you catch the next train to Sleepytown.

Want to spice it up? Try our Integrated Breathing by:

  1. On inhale - Think about what’s on your mind

  2. On hold - Think about the next logical step

  3. On exhale - Think about a serene place

  4. On hold - try and relax every muscle in your body

It's great to do right after you ditch all the tech devices in your bedroom 15 minutes before you want to sleep.  Start with 5 minutes and work your way up 10 minutes.


Talk to a licensed Psychological Therapist

Emotions are like a faucet.  On one side you have a "warm-positive emotion" water supply & on the other side you have a "cold-negative emotion" water supply.  It would be nice if you could turn off the cold-negative emotions, but that's not how the brain works.  You can either turn off the faucet as a whole and be numb or turn it on to some degree, but you don't get to choose which emotions you feel.  If you want to start to feel warm-positive emotions you have to do that while draining the tank of the cold-negative emotions.  Just like you would see a physical therapist to deal with a painful shoulder you should hire an expert to deal with anything on your mind.  Everyone can benefit from seeing a skilled Psychological Therapist