Steve, Karl, Fernando v. Aretha, Celine, Whitney - who ya got?

Allow us to formally 
introduce ourselves

Some of you know us personally, like very personally, but some of you don't really know us at all.  So we're going to take this opportunity to tell you guys about iPT and the guys behind it all.

Our Town Magazine named us the
best physical therapy in downtown Manhattan!

First up is Steve Horney - the man in the green pants

Before Steve started recording himself shirtless, moving through very specific ranges of motion for our educational benefit, he started at Quinnipiac University in their top-ranked accelerated Master's program.  He graduated and started his clinical practice in 2005, and ever since has prided himself on treating his patients with a combo of PT knowledge and experiences as an athlete.  Steve's ultimate goal for his patients is to help them become pain free and less susceptible to future injuries by working with them one-on-one to find the root cause of their issue.

Before starting iPT, Steve worked with some of the top physical therapists in the city and managed one of New York's premiere PT clinics.  He also developed "Horney's Helping Hands" while working under world-renowned Stanley Paris PT PhD at the University of St. Augustine for 2 years to complete his Manual Therapy Certification.  

But wait folks, that's not all! Steve is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and recently completed his Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification.  

When he's not taking courses to add more acronyms after his name, Steve loves to spend his free time surfing, long boarding, playing frisbee, and eating burritos.  He claims that he can peel a clementine in one peel every time, but that's probably a lie.  He was also elected class president his freshman year of college with the campaign slogan "This country needs another Horney president".

Now meet Karl Eichenfeldt! 

Karl earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mercy College and has a love for manual therapy and sports rehabilitation.  Before moving to New York City in 2001, he completed his B.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Rhode Island in his home state.

Karl's many years of working as a personal trainer and physical therapy aide resulted in a great deal of hands-on experience working with people of all ages, fitness levels, and various types of injuries.  Above all else, Karl believes that PTs are human movement specialists and will guide his patients toward reaching their optimal functioning.  Over the years, he's earned certifications in SFMA, Rocktape FMT, and Rock Blades IASTM to better treat his patients.

In his free time, Karl trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu, MMA stile striking, and boxing (he can kick your ass).  When he's not training, he can be found with his wife Kat, trying out new vegan spots around the city and Williamsburg or visiting the animals at local sanctuaries.  He is also fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and (clearly) as a lifelong passion for learning.

Last but not least is Fernando, aka "Manos de Angel"

In 2010, Fernando received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Mercy College.  He is experienced as both a clinician and a trainer in locations around the tristate area.  Fernando understands the importance of education and maintaining a current skill set in the world of rehabilitation. Therefore, he prides himself in being a (CMP) Certified Mulligan Practitioner, Myofascial Trigger Point and Proprioceptive Therapist, and (COMT) Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist.

He has extensive clinical experience with outpatient orthopedic practice, post-op rehabilitation, sports injuries, postural assessments, and gait training.

Fernando joined iHealthScience’s PT clinic in 2013, to treat and service clients in the NYC area.  He enjoys playing soccer and squash during his time off from work.

Don't believe that we're as amazing as we claim?

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