Steve, Karl, Fernando v. Aretha, Celine, Whitney - who ya got?

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves

Some of you know us personally, like very personally, but some of you don't really know us at all.  So we're going to take this opportunity to tell you guys about iPT and the guys behind it all.

Our Town Magazine named us the
best physical therapy in downtown Manhattan!

First up is Steve Horney - the man in the green pants

Before Steve started recording himself shirtless, moving through very specific ranges of motion for our educational benefit, he started at Quinnipiac University in their top-ranked accelerated Master's program.  He graduated and started his clinical practice in 2005, and ever since has prided himself on treating his patients with a combo of PT knowledge and experiences as an athlete.  Steve's ultimate goal for his patients is to help them become pain free and less susceptible to future injuries by working with them one-on-one to find the root cause of their issue.

Steve, Karl, & Papa Dukes (a.k.a - Fred Horney) are heading back down to Ambato, Ecuador.

Steve & Karl are volunteering their time and services to a great cause called Medical Mission Ecuador (click the link for more info). MME is a wonderful organization that's been around for 24 years. Each year, a team of surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, prosthetists, other healthcare practitioners, and equipment techs travel to Ambato, Ecuador to provide free medical services to underprivileged children. While many medical missions travel to different places, we liked that there is consistency and that we're able to see many of the same patients from year to year. 

Flex Your Spending Account & Muscles with Fernando!

Only 2 more weeks until your flex spending account disappears forever!

(here's how to use and not lose it)

Steve - Who has the best hands you know? Where is the bathroom? How do you keep your chiseled physique?

These are questions I get asked on the daily and I'll choose to answer one, right here right now.  Fernando "Manos de Angel" Moreno has the best hands in the game, hence this dulce nickname.